At the beginning of every school year there are many forms to fill out.  Thank you for taking the time to fill out these important forms for us.  To help you with which forms you need to fill out, please read the following:

Permission form- please complete, sign, and return to the school office

Free/Reduced Meals & Book Rent Waiver- For those that are eligible for free or reduced meals, please complete the form and return it to the school.  For your convenience, the book rent waiver form is also included with this form.  If your family is eligible for free meals, your family will be eligible for free book rent.  If your family is eligible for reduced book rent, your family will be able to receive a reduced rate for books.  If you should have a child that goes to the Adair-Casey campus AND the Guthrie Center campus, only one form per family is needed.  A copy will be sent to the other school for you.

Supplementary Health Form- Please complete this health form, noting any new or special health issues or concerns that we need to be aware of.

Request for Meds- If your child takes medications at school on a regular basis or if by chance they need to take medications (prescription or over-the counter) after an illness, please complete this form and send it with the medication to school.