The School Within A School Program is designed to assist students in completing their high school education.  Students that are in the newly developed program are those with one or more of the following, but not limited to: attendance issues, behavior issues, failing classes, low achievement in reading or math, or have dropped out, or are in danger of dropping out.  The emphasis is independent style learning with abundant one-on-one instruction as needed for the student.  School staff and administration reserve the right to hand certain situations and circumstances that may arise during the school year will be handled accordingly at the discretion of the school staff and administration.

A classroom environment encouraging study has been provided in the old computer lab.  The students attending the School Within A School program are expected to cooperate with school staff in maintaining a place where everyone can concentrate on achieving their individual goals.  Anyone wishing to attend must first apply with the school administration, meet appropriate eligibility criteria, go through an orientation process, and also sign a personalized contract.

All students enrolled in the program are required to help develop their own Individual Learning Plan (ILP), consisting of a customized schedule, their academic goals, and other specific details.  Regular attendance will be required to reserve the student’s slot in the program.